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How to Find an Apartment When Relocating to Madison, WI

You just got word: The boss said you’re relocating to Madison, WI, and that you need to find an apartment. Pronto.

Naturally, panic sets in. You may have heard about Madison, including that it’s one of the top places to live, boasting a great university, vibrant downtown, and good quality of life.

All good, but where the heck are you going to live?

It all depends on your priorities, so here are some tips to get you started.

We’ve prepared several neighborhood profiles that will help you, particularly if you’re looking to move into the downtown neighborhoods.

Please also download our First Time Renter’s Guide, which gives a fantastic overall perspective of getting an apartment in Madison for the first time.

Download a comprehensive budget worksheet and get the ultimate first apartment checklist with our free First-Time Renters Guide.


Download Our Renting Sight-Unseen Checklist!

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