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7 Ways to Sleep Cool in a Hot Madison Apartment

7 Ways to Sleep Cool in a Hot Madison Apartment

The curse of Wisconsin is that our hot, humid summers can be just as unbearable as our frigid Wisconsin winters. If you want to save money on utility costs and not run your air conditioner 24×7 during this kind of heat, you’ll need some guidance on how to keep cool in a hot Madison apartment.

Naturally, Smarter Renter is here to help. Check out these 7 rather unorthodox but infinitely helpful ways to sleep coolly:

  1. The Bag-o-Ice Method. Find yourself a pan that’s both big enough to hold a bag of ice, and also contain the water when it melts. Set up a fan at the foot of your bed, and place a bag of ice in the pan in front of it. The noticeably cooler air being blown over the ice will keep you cool as you drift off. By the time the ice melts, you’ll be snoozing peacefully.
  2. The Damp Sock Method. During the winter, there’s nothing quite as nasty as when you get snow in your boots and your socks get wet. During the summer, however, this can work to your advantage. Simply get a pair of socks, run them under cool water and wring them until they’re damp. Then put them on at bedtime. They’ll cool your body.
  3. The Damp Sheet or Shirt Method. Here we apply the Damp Sock Method, but use a sheet or a shirt. Any other articles of clothing would probably work – we’ll let you use your imagination as you peruse the underwear drawer.
  4. The Blue Ice Method. Are you familiar with the blue ice packs they sell at grocery stores? They get cold but don’t get damp. You can put a few under a sheet, or lay them next to you in bed.
  5. The Freezer Method. Take your bedding, such as your sheet and pillowcase (not the teddy bear), and stick it in freezer bags. Then put them in the freezer for the day. When it’s bedtime, you’ll have some cool sheets waiting for you – the opposite of the old electric blanket trick.
  6. The Green Dish Soap Method. We touched on the Blue Ice Method before. The Green Dish Soap Method is for people with a slightly smaller budget. Take some green dish soap, and put it in a freezer bag for several hours. Leave ¾ of the bag empty. The soap won’t harden, which allows you to put in a pillowcase. It will also hold the cold longer than the Blue Ice.
  7. The Bamboo Mat Method. Straw or bamboo mats won’t retain heat. They’re budget-friendly too.

There you go! Sweet dreams, and stay cool!

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Published on Jun 06 2012

Last Updated on Aug 26 2022

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