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Corporate Housing Madison WI

Nine Tips for Renting Corporate Apartments in Madison, WI

Madison-area companies are always searching for corporate apartments for their employees. But if your the company representative renting corporate apartments in Madison, WI, what are the most common amenities your employees will be looking for?

The majority of corporate apartments are rented by business travelers, who want the comforts of home, yet they need the conveniences of an office to do business.  You want that too, but all at the right price for your company’s budget.

What types of amenities do we see among people seeking corporate apartments?  Here are some of the big ones:

1. Creature comforts.  Most corporate renters are used to a higher standard of living.  They expect nice furniture, a comfortable bed, and a clean apartment.

2. Nice kitchen, even if rarely used.  Typical corporate renters work grueling hours.  Without a home to return to every night, they have no problem burning the midnight oil.  Yet even if they’re eating at the office, they do like the option of cooking in a nice, fully-functional kitchen.

3. Wired in.  Most everyone using corporate housing will be working hard and likely burning the midnight hours.  They want a high-quality Internet connection to keep them linked to the Internet.

4. Close to work, not necessarily play.  Generally, corporate housing should be as proximate to the workplace as possible, and provide easy access to transportation options.

5. The basics.  These might not be considered amenities by most, but linens, housewares, electronic devices are all top-priorities for the long-term corporate lodger.

6. Short-term leases.  Typical corporate living requires leases in the 30-day range and up.  Flexibility is the key.

7. Security.  Corporate renters want to stay focused on their work, and not have to worry about their safety.  Good corporate rentals should have excellent security with locked, monitored entrances.

8. Utilities.  Along with Internet mentioned before, corporate renters don’t expect to have to worry about utilities, such as rent or electricity.

9. Easily-accessible landlords.  Corporate renters want things handled in a hurry.  It’s best if a landlord has 24×7 maintenance service.

If you’re charged with the task of setting up corporate rentals for your company, start with these amenities. It will help ensure your employee will be focused on work and not on the apartment.

Published on Jun 27 2012

Last Updated on Aug 26 2022