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How to Meet People at Your New Apartment

It’s not just neighborhoods that are a factor in deciding where to rent. It’s the neighbors – especially the people in your building. Whether you’re looking to meet new people, or if you just want to make sure your neighbors are cool/friendly, follow this easy two-step process.

Most people aren’t using an apartment as a means to meet new people. However, if you pick the right place, you’ll be surprised at how many like-minded people are around – ones that fit your lifestyle and are a blast to hang out with.

We’ve had many neighbors who become great friends at our properties. There’s a two-step process to make it happen for you: Step 1 will be to find an apartment with like-minded people. Step 2 is to meet those like-minded people.

Step 1 – Finding Out if Your Peeps Are Renting

Just be sure that if you eventually move into the apartment and meet them that you don’t say, “Oh, I read all about you on Google.” You might find that ends any conversation rather abruptly.

Step 2 – Meeting the Peeps

That’s a good system for getting a sense of who’s living in an apartment, but once you’ve moved in, how do you reach out to new residents? Here are a couple ice-breaking tips.

Finding a cool apartment isn’t just about a great space located in a cool neighborhood. It’s an added bonus if you have neighbors that share your interests and are friendly. A good community makes an apartment feel like home, so be sure to do your homework on your prospective neighbors before you sign the lease.

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