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15 Things People Forget During Madison’s Big Move-In Week

15 Things People Forget During Madison’s Big Move-In Week

It’s upon us.  Move-in week.  On August 15, Madison gets turned upside down as renters move en masse.  We know you’re busy packing, cleaning, and perhaps weeping, so we’ve compiled a quick checklist of things people always forget during move-In week.

The most important thing to remember:  During your move, tweet and post photos using the hashtag #SBAmovein.  You can enter our #SBAmovein social media contest, which includes ridiculously cool prizes.  You’re gonna post anyway, so why not slap on a hashtag and get a shot at gift certificates to Redbox, Fresh Madison Market, Red Card, Amazon, and more!
Ok, ready? Don’t forget to:

  1. Clear your rental account balance.  Most property owners will want you to have a $0 balance on your account when you begin occupancy.  Make sure you’ve got the slate wiped clean.
  2. Get renter’s insurance.  It’s becoming a requirement by more and more property owners.  Here’s how to get yours.
  3. Let the owner know when you’ll be moving in and picking up keys.  It’s a busy time for everyone, and some property owners like to schedule appointments.
  4. Set up your utilities.  It would be a true bummer if you moved in and had no electricity, cable or Internet.  Here are links to Madison Gas and Electric (608-252-7222) and Res Tech Services for Internet and Cable (608-663-3868). You may have other provides at your property.
  5. Find a parking place.  Whether it’s for your moped or your car, make sure you’ve got a space secured.  Here is a listing of auto parking and moped parking from Steve Brown Apartments.
  6. Buy a shower curtain.  Well, your apartment might have one already in it, but chances are you’ll want to buy a new one.  The alternative may be rather disgusting.
  7. Fill in a move-in inspection sheet.  This is SOOO critical.  On the day of the move, be sure to fill in a move-in inspection sheet, and document everything you can.  Video and photos are a great way to time-stamp the exact condition of the apartment upon move-in.
  8. Check all your keys.  Yes, you’ve probably been given a handful by the owner.  But do they all work?
  9. Pack smart, and save cash.  Instead of buying boxes and packing materials, go to local grocery stores and see if they’re throwing away any old boxes.  Use old newspapers for packing materials.
  10. Throw away as much junk as you can before you move.  Face it, moving stinks.  So get rid of as much stuff as you can before you move out.
  11. Reserve that moving van.  It might be too late, but call around ASAP to try and get a van if you don’t have one yet.
  12. Think about where you’re staying on moving night.  If you’re going to be homeless, try and secure some lodging from a friend or relative.  You don’t want to spend the night on a park bench.
  13. Bring cleaning supplies.  You might find that the property owner hasn’t cleaned your new place to your standards.
  14. Review the property owner’s packet of info before moving day.  Generally a property owner gives you a packet filled with important rental details.  Give it a read.
  15. Clean your old apartment thoroughly and save on your security deposit.  Here are some tips for going nuts on your cleaning.  It can save you bucks if you do a great job.

Got it?  Good!  It’s going to be a big, busy week.  Good luck with your move, and we hope you love your new apartment.

Don’t forget to tweet and post photos with the #SBAmovein hashtag.  You can officially enter the contest by clicking below!

Published on Aug 12 2013

Last Updated on Aug 26 2022

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