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Why Vertical Gardening is all the Rage in Apartment Gardening

Why Vertical Gardening is all the Rage in Apartment Gardening

The change in Wisconsin weather leads to thoughts of things that are green and not dripping with icicles. Renters with green thumbs will soon take up apartment gardening, particularly vertical gardening. In this post, we’ll share benefits of going vertical, including some photos of great ideas and links to informative articles on how to make it work.

Vertical gardening appeals to downtown renters because it saves space. By using trellises, livestock panels, and fences, you can grow upright crops, thus making efficient use of every square inch of apartment space. You grow up, not out.

The Upside to Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is booming in urban areas. Here are just a few examples of why it’s become so popular:

The Sky’s the Limit with What You Can Grow

Vines tend to be the most popular plants for growing on vertical gardens. They’ll climb by use of tendrils, twining or clinging, and so you’ll need to establish the proper structures to help them grow (we’ll cover that next.) Here is a brief rundown of the types of plants you can grow with vertical gardening:

You can also grow flowers, ornamental grasses and columnar trees. Check out some of the videos and photos below for more ideas on exactly what you should grow in vertical gardens, and how to do it.

Up, Up and Away:  Vertical Gardening Examples


Strawberries – you love ‘em, you can grow ‘em!


Here’s an example of what a vertical vegetable garden looks like, including a link to info on how to build one.


We love this gorgeous example of a living wall.


Here’s an innovative way to grow vines. This woman bought a dog kennel for her structure. Check out the video. These are indoor-outdoor modular cylinder planters. You can also recreate the look using painted PVC pipes. We don’t have the foggiest idea how these plants get watered (or what happens during a windstorm) but the concept is exceptionally cool. Another beautiful living wall. And while we’re on the subject, how about a video on how to create a living wall?


Check out this hybrid structure. It’s from IKEA hacker; the creator combined an Ordning Cutlery stand and Dignitet Curtain rail from IKEA.  Looks sleek and mod! If building a structure isn’t your bag, check out the Tower Garden – a complete unit for growing a vertical garden. It’s worth a visit to their website. We also found a wide range of vertical gardens at Plow and Hearth, including one with its own irrigation system.

There are also planters with a raised plant bed, much like the ones we found here on

How To Do Your Own Vertical Gardening

Because there are so many different types of vertical gardening out there, we’re going to include a few links to some of the top ones we found to get you started. When you decide which type of garden you’d like to pursue and the plants you’re going to grow, you can drill down on the Internet for more info.

How to Plant a Vertical Garden

39 Insanely Cool Vertical Gardens (just some amazing large-scale examples to look at from BuzzFeed)

Gardening with Vertical Trellises

We’ve planted the “seeds” of vertical gardens ideas.  Now take advantage of the warmer weather and start planning your vertical gardening.  Hurry, before the next blizzard arrives!

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Published on Apr 30 2014

Last Updated on Aug 26 2022

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