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How to Save Time (and Your Back) When Moving Out

How to Save Time (and Your Back) When Moving Out

It’s almost move-out time for many Madison area students. If packing, moving and shipping/storing a bunch of boxes sounds like torture, consider Lazybones, a company that provides a nifty alternative for people strapped for time.

Perhaps in the olden days, you might have been considered lazy if you didn’t relish the idea of tackling moving day on your own.  However, today’s students are more pressed for time than ever before.

That’s why Reg Mathelier and his business partner created Lazybones.  The company moves people, from room to room (never curbside), and they can also store your stuff all summer long.

This is particularly appealing to out-of-staters at the UW who would like an alternative to lugging everything home each summer.  As Reg tells it, “We come to your apartment, pick up all your boxes, store them for the summer, then drop them back in your apartment for the fall.”

The alternative is to rent your own truck and storage locker, transport all your boxes to the storage shed, and return the truck.  Then, when fall rolls around, you’ll need to rent the truck again, pick up your boxes, and transport them back to your apartment.

Lots of heavy lifting and lots of driving.  In other words, not much fun for those too busy or too lazy.

Do You Value Your Time (and your Back)?

If the thought of back pain and navigating a moving truck through Madison’s crowded city streets doesn’t have much appeal, than Lazybones might be an ideal service.  Reg and his team have transformed the shipping and storage process into a science.  Consider the following benefits:

Ok, the benefits are sizable.  So if you agree that your time is worth the money, and you want Lazybones to pick-up, store, and return your stuff, what are some smart moving tips Reg recommends?

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If this post sounds like one big plug for Lazybones, you’re right.  It is. Steve Brown Apartments residents have used them extensively for many years, and any of our residents receives an automatic 10 percent discount.  In fact, they have an office right inside Lucky Apartments.

But we’re not the only ones we think Lazybones has a great thing going.  They also have partnerships with a number of schools across the country, with locations in Boston MA, Boulder CO, Chicago IL, Newark DE, and Syracuse NY.
Moving is a pain, plain and simple.  But with Lazybones, the pain turns to gain – time, convenience and a healthy back!  Click here to learn more about Lazybones!

Published on May 07 2014

Last Updated on Aug 26 2022

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