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Steve Brown Apartments Now Features More Dog-Friendly Apartments

Steve Brown Apartments Now Features More Dog-Friendly Apartments

It’s official: Steve Brown Apartments has literally gone to the dogs. By allowing dogs in 30 of our apartment buildings, we’re making more of our properties accessible for dog owners. That’s tail-wagging good news, just as long as you don’t forget your responsibilities in a dog-friendly apartment.

The decision to allow more dogs in our properties was based on increasing demand from our renters. Over the years, we’ve been responding on a building-by-building basis, but after reviewing our properties as a whole, we decided to make the big switch. With the change, nearly 75 percent of our downtown addresses will be dog-friendly. (Most of our suburban properties already allow dogs.)

“The switch doesn’t mean our expectations of pet owners have changed,” says Jackie Skjervem, Property Manager with Steve Brown Apartments. “We’ve always had a pet addendum and expected our residents to be responsible for their pets,” she said.

Dogs Aren’t the Big Problems


The main reason any property owners restricts pets from the premises is the wear-and-tear on a building. Any dog or cat owner will tell you that an animal, particularly a puppy, can wreak excessive damage if left untended.

Jackie recalls coming home one day to find her own 12-week old puppy had chewed up a corner of the living room carpet. She also remembers a case where a renter’s rabbit was allowed to roam free, and chewed up the trim on a floor-to-ceiling window.

However, the biggest culprits don’t come from an animal’s mouth. They come from the other end. Cat urine and untended litter boxes generally cause the biggest problems. Jackie notes that cat urine can result in not only having to replace carpet, but also the subfloor underneath it. And ferret odor is even worse.

The issue with dogs tends to revolve around excessive barking, particularly with smaller dogs. Noise complaints can lead to problems, so be sure to carefully analyze the breed before you choose a dog.

Jackie says that Steve Brown Apartments does not allow dog breeds that are considered aggressive, and there is a weight restriction of 30 or 50 pounds at many of its properties.

Requirements of Renters

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, Jackie says the most important thing for renters is to carefully analyze your life. A dog isn’t all that different than having a child. It requires lots of attention, lots of time, and lots of exercise (particularly bigger dogs). If you have a busy schedule and you can’t make time for your pooch, you can expect some problems.

We mentioned earlier that expectations haven’t changed for pet owners, even with more buildings becoming dog-friendly. Jackie notes that the Steve Brown Apartment’s renter’s addendum spells out the details for our pet friendly rentals, but here are some general things to keep in mind if you’re going to get a dog or a pet:

Our dog-friendly properties are in high demand but there are many to choose from. Be sure to review some of the previous articles we’ve written on renting with pets: Making a Pet-Friendly Apartment Ideal for Your Dog and How to find a Pet-Friendly Rental in Madison

Also, we couldn’t resist throwing in a video from the show “My Cat from Hell” on Animal Planet. Not all cats (or pets in general) are like this – just be aware the potential is always there!

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Published on May 21 2014

Last Updated on Aug 26 2022

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