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Ask These Eight Questions to Find Stress Free Corporate Housing

Ask These Eight Questions to Find Stress Free Corporate Housing

Finding corporate housing for your employees redefines “HR” – as in “hardly relaxing.” To help alleviate some common worries, we’re going to lay out the top eight concerns companies have for finding stress free corporate housing.

Whether it’s a short- or long-term stay, companies want to know that their employees are going to be happy and comfortable in their new apartment. You also want assurance that property managers are going to be responsive to your needs.

With tons of different options for corporate housing, finding the right one can be a process. Before you get down to details, ask these fundamental questions every time you search:

1. Is the apartment going to be furnished? All corporate housing should come fully furnished with stylish, up-to-date furniture. The last thing you want to do is put an executive in a “furnished” apartment that looks like the set for “That 70’s Show”.

If you want an apartment furnished a certain way, discuss the issue with your prospective property manager. They should be responsive to your requests.

2. Will the apartment have full cable TV and Internet? Ten years ago, Internet may have been optional. Nowadays, this amenity should always be a must. Most corporate apartments will also come equipped with full cable or digital TV included in the rent. However, it’s negotiable, so if you’re looking to save a few bucks, this might be a good place to start.

3. Is the apartment going to be ready for move in? This is perhaps the biggest concern regarding corporate housing. Companies want to know that the moment their employees move in it will be clean, the water will be running, and electricity will be flowing. Make sure the answer is yes.

4.  How large of a commitment do we have to make? In general, property managers are going to give you the option of a three, six or 12 month long lease. If you want a shorter lease, you’ll most likely have to ask for it. In some cases, exceptions can be made, like a 30 day lease or month-to-month lease.

However, exceptions will likely come with some small sacrifices. Property managers may be less likely to order special furniture or change the apartment set up for such a short contract. Expect less customization of your corporate package the shorter your stay.

On the flip side, if you hire a lot of people and find yourself needing some long-term, two to three year apartment rentals, a corporate lease could give you substantial savings.

5. Will the payment be easy and all inclusive? Payment should always include all utilities and be lumped into one easy payment per month.

6. Will our employees be happy? How well a property manager treats you throughout the negotiation process for your lease should be a good indication of how they’ll treat your employees.

Go the extra mile to get to know a prospective property manager. If possible, tour the property and meet the on-site staff. If you like the property and staff, chances are your employees will too.

7. Am I going to get my money’s worth? Property managers should be able to customize a package that meets your price range and your needs. Make sure those luxury items warrant the higher price tag.

Also note that corporate housing generally comes with a premium charge because lease terms are not a standard 12 month cycle. Corporate housing is a completely different service level, and as such, comes with a different price tag.

8. Will it be easy for our employee to get to work? Location, location, location. Ideally your employees will enjoy the neighborhood they live in and not have to deal with a stressful commute.

In Madison, you might want an employee to be located near your downtown office, but not on campus with all the students. Or, you might want them to be able to walk or bus instead of driving. When it comes to location and transportation, your property manager can help meet your requirements to find a location that suits your needs.

You’re going to have a lot of questions to ensure you find the best corporate housing for your employees. Get organized, and make sure you have detailed list of those questions on hand when you talk to the property manager. At the end of the day, addressing these concerns will help you land the right apartment for your employees.

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Published on Oct 15 2014

Last Updated on Aug 26 2022