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How To Tour an Apartment Like a Pro in 3 Easy Steps

How To Tour an Apartment Like a Pro in 3 Easy Steps

Some people are so excited to move someplace new that they forget to ask the important questions during their tour. But knowing how to tour an apartment – including what to look for and what to ask – can be the difference between a great rental experience or suffering through it.

The key is to put yourself in control of your apartment tour. Of course, the leasing agent will lead the way, but it’s your responsibility to ask the important questions and ensure everything is up to your standards. Follow these three steps to make the most of your apartment tour.

3 Steps for Touring an Apartment Like a Pro

Step 1: Listen
Don’t immediately rattle off a million questions when you enter a prospective apartment, which can distract you and make it easier to miss things. Start by just getting a general feel for the place, and make mental notes of (or write down) any obvious issues to bring up later.

Most importantly, listen to what the leasing agent has to say. They might answer several questions you planned to ask later, or mention some considerations you hadn’t even thought of.

Step 2: Look
Once you’ve finished the initial guided walk-through, take a second lap on your own or with your roommates. This time, give it the fine-tooth-comb treatment, making sure to check out the following four key aspects in particular:

Start by making sure the locks on every door and window work properly. Never sign a lease until you know that it’s a secure place to live.

Also consider thickness of doors, floors, walls and windows. Thin materials are unlikely to block out outside noises or provide good insulation during the winter months.

If anything looks awry, ask the leasing associate if they can get it fixed before you sign a lease. If they promise to make repairs after you sign the lease but before you move in, get it in writing and don’t pay your first month’s rent without verifying that the repairs were made.

Leases dictate everything from having guests stay with you to requiring you to leave your heat at a certain temperature. Don’t be caught off guard – read the lease.

Step 3: Ask
Now that you’ve had a chance to hear what the leasing agent wants you to hear, and also had time to scan the place on your own, it’s time to ask any remaining questions. When creating your list of questions, try not to only think of your immediate needs. You never know what the future will hold. Here’s a good list to get you started:

Your leasing agent won’t be able to answer questions about who lives in the building and what their preferences are. However, you can usually get a good sense of a community by looking at the cars in the parking lot, items on outdoor patios and porches, (kids toys, etc.) and by spending time on the property watching who comes and goes.

Everyone has different ideas for who they want their neighbors to be – make sure what you see lines up with what you’re looking for.

Being actively engaged during your apartment tour is absolutely essential. Follow these three steps and leave no stone unturned, so you can feel certain that you’re moving into an apartment that will truly be great place to live.

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Published on Jun 24 2015

Last Updated on Aug 26 2022