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Apartment Amenities Madison WI

The Three Amenities You MUST Consider When Apartment Hunting

When apartment hunting, don’t just consider the tangibles (i.e., number of rooms, microwave). Also think about the intangibles (how’s the neighborhood cafe?) To make your search efficient, build your list of tangibles and intangibles before you start your apartment hunt.

Whether you’re a college student looking for that campus vibe, or empty nesters seeking nearby dining, theatre and parks, it’s good to have what you’re looking for written down and prioritized in order of importance.

Here are three categories of amenities you should think about: 1) What tangibles are inside your apartment? 2) What tangibles are inside your apartment complex? 3) What are the intangibles in and around your new neighborhood?

1. Inside the Apartment: Know the amenities you want within arm’s reach

What are the features you’ll want every day inside your apartment?
In general, notice your first impressions about the living space. When you do a walk-through, do you feel like the apartment fits your personality? Your place needs to feel like a good fit for you.

2. Inside the Apartment Complex: What’s just outside your door?

Take a tour and check into what’s available outside your apartment door, down the hall, and in and around the rest of the apartment building.

Some newer buildings may also offer underground parking, access to party rooms and media rooms, or amenities like restaurants right inside the building.

3. Around the Neighborhood: “Feel Good” neighborhood amenities

Finally, be sure to do your research on “the intangibles” — whatever makes you happy and at home. These will be the things that will make your life easy and enjoyable. Some examples of the intangible neighborhood amenities might include:

Once you’ve got a list of tangibles and intangibles for your new apartment and neighborhood, number the items that are your greatest wants and needs. You can download our First-Time Renter’s Guide for help.

Prioritizing your list of apartment amenity wants and needs will simplify your shopping experience. The most important part of the search is what you do before you start seeing apartments: Create that list first!

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