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Sublet Your Apartment at Light-Speed with Fantastic Photos

Sublet Your Apartment at Light-Speed with Fantastic Photos

When you’re trying to sublet your apartment, appealing photographs are critical for your marketing efforts. It’s why we’ve collected examples of good photos and not-so good photos, and included some how-to tips on creating excellent sublet photographs.

A picture is worth more than a thousand words in the subletting game. It can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Yet it seems to be an afterthought for many renters.

That’s not a smart move. In the real estate game, Realtors who use professional real estate photographs in their marketing sell their listed homes 32 percent faster than other listings.

To prove our point, take a look at some examples of good sublet photos, and some very bad sublet photos.

The Good Sublet Photos

Before we delve into some examples of great apartment photos, let’s review some of the basics of good sublet staging.

“Staging” is a term used in real estate: It’s preparing a home (or apartment) for sale or rent by making it look as appealing as possible. Here are some apartment staging tips to follow:

Good Sublet Photo #1: It may not be a spectacular kitchen, but they’ve made it look its very best. Counters are clean and uncluttered. The photo showcases how bright and sunny the room is during the day. Floors are clean and the decor is tasteful.

Clean and uncluttered counters make a good impression

Good Sublet Photo #2: The apartments best feature is showcased – the three sliding doors that allow ample light into the room. Clean, well-cared for hardwoods are also nicely displayed.

Ample light makes living rooms attractive

Good Sublet Photo #3: Another clean, clutter-free kitchen. The black appliances stand out, as do the granite countertops.

clutter-free kitchen shows well

Good Sublet Photo #4: A good example of how a tastefully decorated room can really make an impression. The bright, sunny windows are evident, but they are shot correctly so the rest of the room doesn’t appear dark.

A tastefully decorated room makes an impression

The Bad Sublet Photos

Ok, so you’ve seen how to do it right. So what are the typical sublet photobombs (as in, they blow up their chances to sublet)?

And without further ado, some not-so good sublet photos.

Bad Sublet Photo #1 – They get points for somewhat stylish chairs, but everything is cluttered together. Don’t just showcase the chairs. Show us the entire room – the floors look nice too!

Pictures should show entire room

Bad Sublet Photo #2: Uh-oh: Dark room. The glare of the window is overwhelming. Also the bed is unmade, and the dresser is cluttered and has slightly opened drawers. Nice floor, but we can’t see them because of the glare from the window.

Don't photograph dark rooms

Bad Sublet Photo #3: Why an extreme close-up of some dingy art and a headboard? Neither reveals anything about the apartment. Show us the room, not the objects in the room.

Show the room, not objects in it

Bad Sublet Photo #4: One word: Blurry. This is actually the room in Bad Sublet Photo #3. The lighting appears much better here, but what good is that if it’s blurry?

Make sure your photos aren't blurry

Apologies to the folks who took the Bad Sublet Photos if we sound snarky. When you know better you do better!

Hopefully this post will shed some light (literally) on best practices for sublet photos. Here are some links to other tips on apartment staging and taking indoor photos. Good luck!

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