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Tenney Park ©Richard Hurd/Flickr CC

Madison Apartments Profile – Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood

Photo: Tenney Park ©Richard Hurd/Flickr

The Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood embodies the near-east side flavor of Madison. With a diverse mix of affluent lakefront property owners, grad students, young professionals, families, artists, hippies (past and present), this is a neighborhood that’s distinctly Madison.

Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood

The Tenney-Lapham neighborhood is an area in transition. Business development has been targeted along the East Johnson Street corridor, and there has been an influx of newer apartments.

The boundaries for the neighborhood include Lake Mendota on the north, Yahara River on the east, East Washington Avenue on the South and North Blair Street on West. Because of the lakefront property, there are some spectacular old mansions in the Sherman Avenue Historic District.

Rental properties occur mostly along the East Johnson corridor, with houses for renters. Many of these homes are split up into multiple units, creating lower rental costs.

Note: Throughout this post, we’ll be drawing statistics and charts from and They both draw their information from census data and other public reports.

Tenney-Lapham: Demographics

The leases in some of these apartments are designed to attract specific income levels, making downtown living more attractive to a larger group of prospective renters—including young families, seniors, and recent college grads.

Distribution of Residents’ Ages

Distribution of Residents' Ages

Household Distribution of Income

Household Income Distribution

Mode of Transportation

Mode of Transportation to Work

Some other interesting demographics, via

This neighborhood is younger than the rest of Madison.

Median Age for Males

Tenney-Lapham: 29.2

Madison: 31.1

Media Age for Females

Tenney-Lapham: 30.7

Madison: 31.5

The neighborhood has fewer family households than the rest of Madison.

Percentage of Family Households

Tenney-Lapham: 24.0%

Madison: 37.4%

Tenney-Lapham has a lower percentage of married-couple families, but a higher percentage of married-couple families with children.

Percentage of married-couple families

Tenney-Lapham: 23%

Madison: 37.4%

Percentage of married-couple families with children

Tenney-Lapham: 48.7%

Madison: 31.9%

Tenney-Lapham: Rent Statistics

This is not an area typically targeted by the luxury-apartment crowd. You’ll find much older homes, (with all the mechanical and structural issues that accompany aging properties) and much lower rents. That’s relatively speaking; you’re still relatively close to downtown, which makes rents higher than properties on the outskirts of Madison.

Tenney-Lapham Rent Paid by Renters

ent Paid

Median Rent in 2013

Tenney-Lapham: $822

Madison: $812

Rent Percent of Household Income

Rent Percentage of Household Income

Inclusion of Utilities in Rent

Inclusion of Utilities in Rent
Source –

Vacancy vs. Occupancy Levels

Vacancy vs. Occupancy

Tenney-Lapham: Overall Livability Factors reports the following on Tenney-Lapham:

Cost of Living: The cost of living index is 2% higher than Madison overall.

Crime: The total crimes are 24% lower than Madison overall.

Employment: The median household income is 17% lower than Madison overall

Education: The high school graduation rate is 5% higher Madison overall.


The neighborhood is home to the following schools:


Lapham Elementary School

Marquette Elementary School


O’Keeffe Middle School

High School:

East High School

Tenney-Lapham: Resources

The Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association webpage is a tremendous resource. It includes:

For overall statistics, refer to this 2015 City of Madison Housing Report.

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