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8 Stylish Ways to Work from Home in a Small Apartment: Pinterest Roundup

8 Stylish Ways to Work from Home in a Small Apartment: Pinterest Roundup

Were you given the opportunity to work from home but lack the proper space in your apartment? There are many creative and stylish ways to transform your small apartment into a suitable work space. With a little imagination and DIY skills you will be able to turn any small space into a functional office.

Carve out an office from unused space:

Look for a not so obvious space to create command central. You don’t have to do all of your work activity here, but it helps to have a home base.

1. Build out a closet office

One solution for not having enough room in your apartment for a home office is building one in your closet – follow this “how-to” from Popular Mechanics. Depending on the size of your closet, this space could potentially be used for traditional clothing storage and as an office.

2. Use the hallway

If you do not have a closet that is big enough to accomplish the above try setting up your office in a hallway. With the use of a skinny desk this could be the perfect area for your work space.

3. Look for a nook

Use your imagination on any available space in your apartment. If there is a nook or wall space available there will be a desk shape or style that will fit in it.

Find the perfect desk that fits your small space:

Whether you want a corner, floating, murphy, or hideaway desk, there is always a solution to your space needs.

4. Corner the market

If you have an available corner in your apartment, consider building your own corner workspace.

5. Maximize space with a floating desk

Another space saver option for your home office would be a wall mounted or floating desk like this one from IKEA. Some floating desk designs even fold up into the wall.

6. Consider a “murphy desk”

For a completely hidden workspace, consider a hideaway desk. During the day this area works perfectly for an office and when you are not working the space turns into what looks like a simple storage piece.

7. Make it mobile

Really short on space and not able to dedicate one area of your apartment for you home office? Try a moveable desk!

8. Make your furniture multi-task

If you are only working from home a couple days out of the week try purchasing multifunctional furniture. In the video below they suggest purchasing a small round dining table that can be used every day for eating and can also be used as a work space on the days that you work from home.

Just because you are short on space in your apartment doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and find space for a home office! What other suggestions or hacks are out there to make working from home a reality?

Source: Maria Harmuth
Source: Maria Harmuth

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Published on Jul 06 2016

Last Updated on Oct 07 2022

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