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Common Houseplants for Renters: A Pinterest Roundup

A few well placed, healthy plants can make an apartment feel like a home. Depending on your apartment you may have different needs, but there’s a common houseplant variety for every situation, including low-maintenance plants for those of you with “black thumbs”.

Check out this roundup of Pinterest “How To” posts and start planting!

Low Maintenance Common Houseplants

Start easy with these hard-to-kill common houseplants:


If you do better with video instructions check out this “how to” video from Garden Answer.


Lucky Bamboo

Spider Plant

Low Light Common House Plants

Kitchens and bathrooms can be difficult to green up. If you have low light in these spaces, try these low light lovers:

Golden Pothos


Snake Plant

Rubber Plant

Large Leaf Houseplants

If you have loft or warehouse style apartment you may need a tall plant to help balance out a corner. Consider these large, easy to care for plants:

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Figs can be tricky to care for; you may also want to check out this video from Purity Plants. @AmyLCorcoran

Kentia Palm

Money Tree

Lacy Tree Philodendron

With a little patience and routine maintenance you’ll develop a green thumb in now time! We’d love to see your favorite houseplant Pinterest Boards – share your links below.

Common Houseplants for Renters

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Published on Sep 07 2016

Last Updated on Aug 26 2022

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