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Mr. Incredible – Strength in Numbers

Session 1: Option A

Scott Watson will present attendees with a look at the inner workings of property management finances. It’s easy to count doors and add up dollar signs without considering the expense side of the equation. Mortgages, debt, and taxes all have a major part to play. Attend this session to learn just how the financial picture comes together, what impact vacancy has, which expenses are the most volatile, and how what you do every day makes an impact. If you’re curious where the money goes, make sure to sign up for this session!

Elastigirl – Stretching Ourselves

Session 1: Option B

No business thrives in isolation, and that’s certainly true of SBA. It takes many partners, watchdogs, and allies to keep SBA strong. Attend this informative session, led by Margaret Watson, and find out how SBA shows up in the community to forge positive change. Learn how and why we support members of our community, which partnerships and processes help us grow, and how we protect the business, while also changing our industry and the community for the better. If you’ve ever been curious about our relationship with government and city leaders, industry peers, and charitable organizations, this is the session for you!

Violet – Invisible Cues

Session 2 – Option A

SBA serves customers from around the globe, and it’s important that we take into account how every day communication can be perceived. During this session, which is facilitated by Jenny Oppriecht, you’ll watch a pre-recorded presentation by Erin Meyer, author of “The Culture Map”, which helps you to better understand how unspoken culture contexts can impact how your message is received. Sign up for this session and learn why the French think American’s are rude and why our Chinese residents are frequently surprised that a lease is a legal agreement.

Jack Jack – Multiply Your Powers

Session 2 – Option B

Monkey Business, Madison’s favorite improv group, will be helping attendees build agility skills when helping customers during this Customer Service Playshop. If you’re looking for a high energy session with movement, spur of the moment laugh out loud learning, this is the session for you! Learn how to think on your toes and not get caught up in the moment when helping our customers and flex those customer service chops you’ve been honing!

Dash – Reaching Top Speed

Session 3 – Option A

You use Entrata’s DASHboard every day, but how deep does your knowledge go? If you’re just clicking through the prescribed processes, without a full understanding of how to harness the power of the dashboard, you’re missing out on time-saving, inquiry organizing opportunities. Attend this session, which is facilitated by Jackie Skjervem, and gain a depth of knowledge for using this powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Resident Relations Coordinators are required to attend.

Rick Dicker – Erasing Obstacles

Session 3 – Option B

Learn how moving to a paperless maintenance workflow has the power to erase our memories of past work order obstacles. If you need help understanding how to transition to this new flow, or if you haven’t yet fully embraced Mobile Maintenance and Core Dashboard, don’t miss this informative session led by Mitch Colstad. Maintenance Technicians are required to attend.

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