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Downtown Madison Timing

Most of our Downtown Madison and Campus apartments rent on a schedule that mirrors an academic calendar, with 5, 9 or 12 month leases that begin in December/January, May/June or August/September. 12 month leases are standard at all of our properties except for The Regent.

Sales for Downtown Madison and Campus that have August/September lease start dates begin renting in October of the prior year. Wait lists are available at all of our properties.

All other apartments begin renting approximately 90-days prior to their lease start date, but please don’t hesitate to contact us in advance!

Rent shown is per month and is subject to change based on move in date and lease term. Rent shown does not include other fees and charges that may be a part of your lease (i.e. utilities, parking, etc.). Until your lease is signed, quoted rent, specials, availability, and other terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.