18 Photos about Organizing Your Apartment from Pinterest

Published on January 23rd, 2013
By Jennifer Oppriecht

In the dead of winter, most Madison apartment dwellers are relegated to the not-so-great indoors.  To conquer the confinement blues, take a look at some of these apartment organizing ideas we found scattered throughout the social media landscape.

1. Strips and hooks for the kitchen.

Check out the knives on the magnetic strips and the soups spoons hung from hooks.  Great storage ideas for a tight kitchen.


2. The Drawer in the Closet

How about mounting some drawers in the closet?  Mouth them a little lower and you’ve got perfect storage for shoes below, shirts and pants hanging above, and then use the drawers for socks, etc.


3. Towel Racks and Shower Curtains for Hanging Items

Where to put those necklaces and ties?  Rack ‘em up, with these towel racks.  Then add on shower curtain hooks to hang whatever you’d like!

4. Christmas Ornaments in Egg Cartons

If you do the tannenbaum thing, this is a great idea for storing those ornaments.


Photo via The New Home Ec


5. Handbag Organizer

Hang those handbags!


Photo via Dormify

6. Dress/Jewelry Storage Holder

Looking for a great place to store your jewelry?  Check out the little black dress jewelry holder.


Photo via Dormify

7. Is It a Chest or Is It a Filing Cabinet? 

How about both?  Check out this creative idea for a horizontal filing cabinet.  Stylish yet practical.  Besides, what else are you going to use a chest for?  Old sweaters?


8. More Pegs, More Space

This pegboard for the kitchen is a blue print for how to store kitchen utensils.  Free up some drawer or counter space and make your kitchen items readily accessible.


Photo via Homedit.com


9. Well, If Your Lease Says It’s Ok…

We generally don’t allow this many pets, but if we did, this would be the ideal way to keep tabs on those tabbys, etc.  Hate to see the litter box configuration.



Photo via Skyant


10. Your kitchen needs an island but doesn’t have the space?

On the rare occasion you do decide to cook, wheel out the folding kitchen island!

11. Amazingly Cool Sleeping Space for a Loft

Not that we have any of these lofts in our arsenal, but we had to include this photo.  Love the curve of the wood.  It does give you an idea of what a well-designed sleeping space in a loft can do for a small space.


Photo via Indoarch

12. Folding Table for Tiny Kitchens

If you need extra space in the kitchen, check out the half-folding table affixed to the wall.  Ready for a sit-down breakfast, but open up the space when it’s time for company and/or heavy duty cooking. Flexibility plus.


Photo via Hemnet and Babble

13. Have Lumber, Add Storage

Know anyone with a wicked set of tools?  This simple DIY platform bed gives you added storage space at a reasonable cost.

14. Where Did I Put That Pen?

Instead of throwing pens in a drawer, use the fridge.  Take a tin, attach a magnet to the back, and you’ve got a simple way to corral those elusive writing tools.

15.  Tension Rod or Rail Under Your Sink

Looking for a place to store those hanging spray bottles?  Try this little maneuver.

16. Two Brilliant Uses of a Magazine Rack 

You can either use a stand-alone for foil, saran wrap, etc, or a wall-mounted version for the lids of your pots and pans.



Photo via Houzz

17.  Magnetic Spice Racks for the Side of Fridge 

We love this one.  Just make sure those lids are on tight!

18.  Use Your Noodle

For all you boot lovers out there, use a cut-up pool noodle to help your footwear stand-at-attention.  We had to look twice at this picture to see what the organizer had done.  Brilliant!

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