Halloween Costume Round-up: It Goes Up to Eleven

Published on October 12th, 2016
By Jennifer Oppriecht

October is here, which means Halloween is near! Every year Madison’s streets fill with a variety of fun, scary, and downright hilarious costumes. What will be the top costumes of 2016? Here are our predictions and top halloween costume ideas.

1. Anti-up: Super Heroes

Super hero and Anti-Hero costumes are going to take over Halloween this year! Thanks to the recent release of the comic book film Suicide Squad, costumed Batman, Joker, and Harley Quinns should be making the rounds on State Street.

Other classic comic book costumes will also be top sellers including Super Man, Wonder Woman, and Dead Pool!

2. Stranger Danger: TV Shows

With so many new series out this year it was a hard task to choose just one to highlight. For anyone that watched the Netflix series Stranger Things, it’s no surprise this will be a popular costume choice! Whether you want to portray Barb, Nancy, Eleven, or one of the boys, you may just have everything you need laying around the house (including waffles, of course).

3. Busted: Movies

Who ya gonna call? That’s right—GhostBusters! With the release of the new GhostBusters film this year, the spirits will definitely be out and about. This is a great costume to test your DIY skills.

4. : ) Emoji’s

Social media inspired costumes will also be a hit this year! Check out these great costume ideas that come straight from your smartphone!

And of course, it’s not hard to guess that political costumes will be a thing this year.

5. Top Vote Getters: Political

Get the Trump hair just right with this tutorial!

6. King Pins: Trending Top Pins

Check out the top pinned costumes so far in 2016:

Let your imagination run wild this Halloween! When it comes to celebrating Halloween in Madison, it doesn’t get any bigger than Freakfest. Join us October 29th at the Steve Brown Apartments Stage on Gilman Street for a spooktacular time!

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