26 Instagram Accounts to Follow in Madison, WI

26 Instagram Accounts to Follow in Madison, WI

Published on August 16th, 2017
By Jennifer Oppriecht

Who do you need to follow in Madison on Instagram? Here are a few Mad-town accounts that may be flying under your radar. Check ‘em out!

1. @EpicureanChronciles

Epicurean Chronicles

As they state on their blog, “We eat the food, cook the food, knock back the drinks, visit places, try new things, meet interesting people and blog about it!” Their Instagram photos tell the tale, including this Uffdapreztel from the Grumpy Troll Pub Brewery.

2. @cityofmadison

City of Madison

The city of Madison’s instagram site. A fun one to follow because the content appears to be entirely user-generated. Just submit your Madison photo and they may pick you and tag you in it.

3. @go_rubber_chicken_go

Go Rubber Chicken

The visual diary of the wanderlust-afflicted Catastrophoea, which rubber chicken in tow. Didn’t see a whole lot of the chicken, but Catastrophoea has an eye for Madison’s dive bars and seedy motels.

4. @pdkuhl


Pdkuhl (aka Patrick Kuhl) is pretty darn cool, with his fantastic shots of Madison.  He shoots quite a bit in black and white for a very different look at colorful Mad-Town.

5. @dogs.of.madison

Dogs of Madison

One of the most adorable sites you’ll find, provided you like our four-legged friends.  And who wouldn’t love these darling doggies?

6. @heartlandfarmsanctuary

Heartland Farm Sanctuary

These folks have a noble non-profit: They provide care for rescued, homeless farm animals in Wisconsin.  Follow their feed to learn about animals such as the dear departed Blaine, the two-legged goat pictured here.

7. @matc_botanyprof

MATC Botany Prof

Kit C is a Madison College botany professor who loves “Plants, fungi, outdoor adventures and Wisconsin.” Photos from feed include this huge ganoderma found at Hiwanka Lake.  She notes it was bigger than her hand!

8. @visitdanecounty

Visit Dane County

As you might have guessed, they highlight the best places to visit in and around Dane County. Ideal if you’d like to extend your travel beyond the city limits!

9. @wingraboats


With the stated goal of enriching people’s lives through outdoor recreation and education, they feature photos highlighting activities, including their Full Moon Paddle.

10. @henyvilaszoo

Henrry Vilas Zoo

Care to hang with some wildlife? Check out these picks from Madison’s favorite zoo. See where the wild things are in Madison (besides State Street.)

11. @uwarboretum

UW Arboretum

Photos of the 1,200 acres of nature that’s set aside for community and science at the UW Arboretum. An amazing variety in the photos of landscapes, flora and fauna.

12. @isthmusmadison

Isthmus Madison

The Instagram account of the Isthmus, everyone’s favorite weekly. Includes some amazing shots of Madison as well as listings of goings-on around town, and special promotions from local eateries and drinkeries. (Drinkeries?)

13. @mouthfulofmadison

Mouthful of Madison

Mouthful of Madison definitely makes the rounds to Madison area restaurants, with some scrumptious food shots.  

14. @forequarter


Forequarter Restaurant, on Madison’s east side, posts pictures of their fare, including a shot of the bagels that they make for their Sunday brunch.

15. @chocolateshoppeicecream

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, everyone screams for Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream. It tastes as good as it looks. Includes new flavors and special promotions.

16. @isthmusportrait

Isthmus Portrait

Featuring the photos Chris Collins who has been a 365 Project participant since 2009.

17. @TheStudioYoga

The Studio Yoga

The Studio yoga showcases shots of their incredible downtown facility.  Feel the burn as they stretch your horizons in many ways.

18. @foodsfromearth

Foods From Earth

If you like vegan recipes, @foodsfromearth shares some of the best, including this homemade version of an icy blended drink with only 9 g of sugar (instead of 42 g for a frappucino.)

19. @wistatejournal

WI State Journal

How many great photos never get shared by the talented photographers working for the Wisconsin State Journal? In the past, maybe a lot. No more. Check out their latest Wisconsin pics.

20. @onthegroundinmadison

On the Ground in Madision

Revealing photos of things found on the ground in Madison. There’s edgy humor to these posts, including a chained bike someone spontaneously decorated for Christmas, and some great local window signs for “coldest beer around” (included here.)

21. @babycowmoe

Baby Cow Moe

He’s not quite a baby cow, but Moe sure looks like one. He just might be the cutest Chihuahua mix on the planet, and he shares space with two other cats for added hilarity.

22. @hate4beachtowel

Hate 4 Beach Towel

Hate4beachtowel captures a wide range of Madison photos, from the iconic to the off-the-beaten-path. You’ll visit some places you didn’t know existed right here in Madison. This Instagrammer has a great eye, despite the hatred of beach towels.

23. @discoverwisconsin

Discover Wisconsin

If you’re going to stray from Madison, DiscoverWisconsin can show you some amazing vistas throughout the state. They do have plenty of pics of Madtown too!

24. @veganinmadisonwi

Vegan in Madison

Gorgeous recipes and vegan food shots from area restaurants.  Includes some local photos too. Fun and yummy stuff.

25. @yelpmadison

Yelp Madison

YelpMadison features all kinds of local businesses, from restaurants to pet stores.  Includes a few scenes around Madison.  YelpMadison is good to follow if you’re looking for special deals.

26. @fooodini


Fooodini (watch that extra “o”) provides delicious recipes that are simple to prepare.


Ok, we think we’ve pretty much listed the Instagram accounts of everyone in Madison. Did we miss any notables? Leave us some names in the comment section if we did!

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