Defeating Draco: How to Brave a Blizzard as a Renter in Madison, WI

Published on December 19th, 2012
By Jennifer Oppriecht

(Jump to the bottom of this post for important storm-related information.)

Snowmageddon, Draco, Snowpocalypse, the blizzard-that-got-your-exam-cancelled, whatever we’re calling it at the moment, one thing is certain: Madison is about to get a whole lot of winter and fast. While the Mayans were probably incorrect and it’s likely we’ll all still be here come Friday, we understand how the “first storm of the year hysteria” can get a little terrifying—especially if this is your first time ever encountering a Blizzard warning. Wait until the 45+ mph winds are blowing the 18 inches of fresh snow into drifts nearly five feet tall directly in front of your apartment door! Residents from Miami: how you feeling? Hanging in there?

It may seem we’re all freaking out, that everyone is terrified about what’s going to happen, but it’s actually quite the opposite. The vast majority of Madisonians, students and permanent residents alike, have been through countless winter weather events before. That being said, we can all use a few important reminders for how things work when the world seems to stop, the flakes start to pile up, and you find yourself in the middle of wintry wonderland you thought only existed in a Robert Frost poem. Hopefully, when this happens, you’re sitting under blankets in your comfy apartment, drinking up the cheer from your favorite holiday beverage, and that you’re not stranded in the middle if I-94, teeth chattering and wondering which Bear Grylls survival skill you’re going to have to employ next. (And nope, we don’t foresee a single scenario where you’d have to drink your own urine to survive during this winter storm, so that’s good news, right?)

Okay, enough fun for now. Here’s what you need to know during the next 36 hours. No weather reports; there’s plenty of those elsewhere on the interwebs, just information renters in Madison should have at their fingertips during a storm of this caliber.


UW-Madison Campus Emergency Preparedness

City of Madison Winter Resources and Updates

City of Madison Winter Parking Information

District 8 Alder Scott Resnick’s Blog


Emergency Maintenance

Steve Brown Apartments residents should follow normal after-hours emergency maintenance procedures and call 608-283-3133. Please note that any non-emergency maintenance requests will be processed and tended to only after the storm subsides.

  • No hot water
  • No heat
  • Water leaks/flooding
  • Broken toilets where there is only one bathroom in a unit
  • Broken door locks
  • Refrigerator not working
  • Gas leaks, smell of gas (call your gas company immediately)
  • Fire or smoke of any kind (call 911)

While our maintenance teams will be responding to emergency maintenance during the storm, travel time will be drastically increased as conditions worsen. Your patience is appreciated.

Non-SBA renters in Madison should clarify with their landlords appropriate procedures should emergency maintenance ever be necessary during a severe weather event like this one.

Snow Removal

The dedicated maintenance and housekeeping staff members at Steve Brown Apartments will be out working hard to keep sidewalks cleared throughout the day Thursday. Unfortunately, if previous blizzards are any indication, it will be next to impossible to keep up during active wind and precipitation. For this reason, we must emphasize using extreme caution if you are out walking or are forced to drive during the storm. Your vehicle may become stuck in deep snow or drifts should you try to drive or leave your parking lot.

SBA Office Hours

In the interest of keeping our employees safe, the main office of Steve Brown Apartments at 120 W. Gorham Street will be closed on Thursday. Our offices at Brownridge Terrace in Middleton and in our suburbs office in Oregon will be closed Thursday. We will resume normal hours on Friday. Lucky and Regent, which have 24 hour desks, should see no change to typical staffing. 


Top Ten Blizzard Tips: What to do, How to Prepare

Driving Emergencies Tips: How to Survive a Sudden Blizzard


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