Five Solutions to Night of Homelessness for Apts in Madison WI

Published on July 27th, 2012
By Jennifer Oppriecht

Every year on August 14, Apts. in Madison, WI experiences a phenomenon that is referred to as the Night of Homelessness.  It occurs when apartment leases turn over.  Generally, leases end on the 14th, and new leases don’t begin until the 15th – thus the night of homelessness.

Different people deal with these situations in different ways, and over the years, many institutions have tried to provide resources to provide some shelter for people caught in this state of limbo.  Here are some solutions to help you get through the night:

1. Parking spaces and overnight shelter at Bethel Lutheran.  Bethel Lutheran has offered up their building and parking lot to students the night of August 14th.  From 8 PM until 7 AM the next morning, you can park your car/trailer in one of the 150 parking spaces at Bethel Lutheran and stay overnight in their facility.  The church will provide free pizza, free breakfast, and a floor to sleep on.  If you’re taking advantage of the free overnight parking, please note that you need to be out by 7 am the next morning.  Contact Pastor Sarah Harrold for more information (ph: 257-3577 ext. 332, or 

2. Stay with a friend or relative.  Have you hit up all your friends and relatives for an overnight stay?  If you’re like most college students, you probably don’t have an over-abundance of stuff, and a friend or relative may be willing to provide you with some garage space and a place to crash for the night.

3. Choose a conventional lease.  This may be late in the game for many UW students, but you could transition to an apartment with a conventional lease (one that begins on August or September 1st.)  We detailed how these leases work in a previous post.  Not only do you get to move in early, but you avoid the downtown maelstrom.

4. Select an apartment with a 7-day turnover policy.  This may be a bit self-serving here, but any apartments in our Lucky or Gold Key portfolios have a 7-day turnover policy, which ensures that we have the time we need to get the apartment in tip-top shape.

5. Pitch a tent.  The least attractive option, but oddly one of the most prevalent choices, is to camp out overnight in the yard of your new home the night before.  We don’t advocate this in terms of safety, and if you choose this route, you should do it with a group of friends and the permission of your new landlord.  Keep a careful eye on your belongings and a cell phone handy for safety’s sake.

August 14th is a difficult night for many UW students – no doubt about it.  But with a little creativity, you can find a way to get to the 15th with your stuff intact, and your new apartment ready and waiting.

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