Five Tips for Smarter University of Wisconsin Parking

Published on August 24th, 2012
By Jennifer Oppriecht

Parking is always a nightmare in any urban area.  University of Wisconsin-Madison parking is no exception.  When you consider the number of students, faculty and staff, State Capitol workers, and other downtown types trying to cram onto an isthmus, it’s no wonder parking is at a premium.

Understanding what you’re dealing with and how the system works can help you find the parking you need.  Here are five tips.

1. Look at the surrounding streets when choosing a rental.  If you have a car and you want to park on the street, be sure to scout out the surrounding neighborhood before you sign the lease.  If your street parking is all metered, expect parking of any type to be expensive.

2. Be realistic about the situation.  If you’re in the downtown area, especially the entire State Street area, you can expect metered parking.  These spots are free from 6PM – 8AM, but are you really going to want to get up at the crack of dawn to move your car?

3. Remember that you get what you pay for.  Do you want heated garage parking?  Expect to pay through the nose for it.  It’s hard to find bargain parking downtown.

4.  Plan around old man winter.  No one likes to think about Wisconsin winters during the summer.  But if you’re looking at parking, be sure to ask about what happens with snow removal.  Will you need to shovel out?  Move to the other side of the street?  Make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Keep in mind that winter parking rules basically cut spots in half from November to March.

5. Look at street parking, but be careful.  Street parking is still relatively inexpensive in Madison, so be sure to consider it as an option.  However, it’s not always available close to busy streets, so you may wind up walking a few blocks to your apartment. This isn’t always the safest option at night, so do some checking upfront.

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