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Tips to Help You Find the Madison Apartment that's Right for You!

What To Do When Moving Out of Your Madison Apartment

School’s done.  Finals are finished.  It’s almost time to move out of your apartment and either back home, overseas, to a summer sublet – wherever life’s adventures lead you next.  But wait:  Before you move out of your Madison Apartment,…

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®Richard Hurd

Madison Apartments Profile: The Marquette Neighborhood

Photo Credit: Richard Hurd, Flickr The Marquette Neighborhood is an iconic part of Madison.  Best known for its free-spirited, liberal/activist roots, this area is home to great summer festivals, unique businesses and a burgeoning night-life. Like the Tenney-Lapham neighborhood to…

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More Q&A About Renewing Your Lease in Madison

We’re trying to publish as much information as we can about renewing your lease in Madison.  This can lead to some pretty confusing questions, especially for people renting for the first time.  Here are some common questions we get: Q: …

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Regent Neighborhood

Madison Apartments Profile: The Regent Neighborhood

The Regent Neighborhood provides a unique mix of demographics: student renters and Madison homeowners, including many faculty members, choose this unique area.  It’s a great spot to consider when you’re searching for Madison apartments. Description: If you’re a fan of…

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State Street Madison, WI

Madison Apartments Profile: The State-Langdon Neighborhood

If you’re looking for Madison Apartments in the middle of it all, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything more hip and happening than the State-Langdon Neighborhood. Description: According to its description on the City of Madison neighborhood profile:  “Langdon Street…

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Little Known Facts About Renewing Your Lease in Madison

Lease renewal timing in downtown Madison has long been a hot button topic.  When it comes to renewing your lease, there’s sometimes more finger-pointing than a high stakes Presidential debate. Property owners are blamed for forcing the students to make…

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Great Advice for First Time Renters: Be Prepared!

Most students at the University of Wisconsin know the value of preparing for a big exam.  If you study enough, chances are good you’ll ace the test.  It’s why our advice for first-time renters is straightforward:  Prepare yourself. Before you…

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5 Tips on How To Budget for an Apartment

Trying to figure out how to budget for an apartment is one of those tasks that people tend to equate with visiting the dentist.  It can be a study in frustration only if you don’t have the right tools and…

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