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Security Deposit

What Happens to My Security Deposit? The Real Truth

Jul 29 2015

It’s no secret, we know that renters hate security deposits. Many even vilify property managers for using them as an additional revenue stream. But before…

8 Ways to Safeguard Your Security Deposit When Subletting

May 06 2015

Convenient as subletting your apartment may be, you can’t take it lightly. Turn your keys over to a reckless subletter, and your security deposit could…

Follow an Apartment Cleaning Checklist to Save Your Security Deposit

May 08 2013

A goal for most Madison apartment renters is to preserve your security deposit – even if it means doing a little extra cleaning at the…

How To Write a Letter for a Refund of a Security Deposit

Aug 17 2012

After you move out of your apartment, you may encounter a situation where your landlord did not refund your full security deposit. If you feel…

Know Your Madison Apartment Lease: What is Normal Wear and Tear?

Jul 23 2012

If you have a Madison Apartment, you’ve probably heard the term “Normal Wear and Tear” in the context of your apartment lease. It’s an attempt…