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The Company

Locally Owned and Privately Held Since 1980

What started with one rental house in Madison’s Vilas neighborhood in 1980 has grown into one of the Madison area’s most respected companies with nearly 80 employees. The service excellence that Steve Brown established then still shapes our organization today.

A Snapshot of Steve Brown Apartments

Steve Brown Apartments is one of the largest owner-managed providers of student and multi-family rental housing in the Madison, Wisconsin area.

We are committed to creating a quality living experience for residents of all ages and all incomes. At our core, is an unwavering dedication to providing residents with exceptional living environments. These are the primary beliefs upon which the company was founded.

Every employee, at each of our Steve Brown Apartments companies, believes that people deserve to be respected and treated as unique individuals. It’s our beautiful buildings, our dedication to architecture that stands the test of time, and our commitment to excellence that set us apart from other management companies.

Our Mission is to forge positive lasting relationships with our residents by exceeding their expectations for quality housing and exceptional services. 

Our Company’s Core Values are: Community, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Profitability.

Our Guiding Principles are “service to delight,” promoting community involvement, fostering a learning environment, maintaining an open door policy, encouraging customer feedback, and demanding continuous improvement.

Our Portfolio

Downtown & Student Housing: Campus rentals for college students and recent graduates is where Steve Brown Apartments began, and it’s where the heart of our company remains. We understand what today’s generations want and need, and have responded by providing a variety of living experiences that range from budget conscious to luxury, and from studio to eight-bedroom house.

Many of our downtown and student apartment communities include furnishings, free Internet and heat, computer labs, on-site offices, parking, and resident appreciation events. All of our properties include garbage service, snow removal, and 24-hour emergency maintenance.

Multi-Family Housing: Our property portfolio includes housing options for everyone, not just students. We provide multi-family housing at many unique properties on the west side of Madison, and in Oregon, Stoughton, Verona, Mount Horeb, Waunakee, and Waterloo. Our multi-family housing products range from affordable, basic apartments to luxury, executive properties with all of the extras. We have also developed a line of Steve & Laurel Brown Signature Residences that offer unparalleled style and quality for experienced renters. 

Commercial and Retail Properties: The managing arm of the Company, SBA Management Services, oversees approximately 45,000 square feet of retail and office space in strip mall, stand-alone, and mixed-use developments. Our tenants include a diverse mix of national and local retailers.

Residence Hall-Style Housing: For 20 years, Steve Brown Apartments owned and managed Madison’s five private residence halls under the brand Private Residence Halls (PRH). As our students’ needs changed, so did our product: today we run many of the same programs we offered at PRH at Lucky on our Dorms Floors.

Stephen D. Brown

Our Founder

The Company

Founder Steve Brown’s focus has always been on making his residents happy. Read about Steve’s story and how we continue his customer-focused approach today.

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