The SBA Red Card

The Ultimate Prepaid Perk for Steve Brown Apartments Residents


Convenient for students. Cost-effective for parents. The SBA Red Card is a pre-paid debit card for groceries, restaurants, laundry and other resident services. It’s a perk to all Steve Brown Residents (and their parents).

For students, you’ll have a convenient source of funds for groceries or laundry, as well as access to over 50 campus area-restaurants.

For parents, this is a simple way to set your student’s budget for the semester, knowing that the card can only be used at pre-approved locations and only for groceries and food (alcohol and tobacco purchases are prohibited.)

Load your card now

I really like how as new restaurants on State St. or around campus open, the Red Card is usually accepted there. I also enjoy how there are deals that allow Red Card holders to experience events around Madison, like concerts or festivals.
Caroline R., Student

You’ll receive your SBA Red Card when you check into your new apartment. You can either add funds then, or add funds online, in person, or through the mail!

Simplicity, Savings and Security

Simple to use – Either a student or a parent can preload the card, which you can then use for:

  • Restaurants: Dine in or order out from over 50 campus-area locations.
  • Groceries: Visit Fresh Madison Market or have groceries delivered right to your kitchen.
  • Laundry: Use your card in your laundry room at your building. (A separate offline laundry fund is required for residents using our “chip card”.)
  • Resident Services: For residents of Lucky, The Regent, or Highlander Apartments, you can also use your SBA Red Card for copies, postage and faxes.

Savings – You’ll enjoy cardholder discounts, frequent shopper rewards, and weekly promotions. There are also no ATM fees or finance charges.

Security – Parents like the fact that the card can only be used at pre-approved locations, and that alcohol and tobacco purchases are prohibited.

A fabulous program. It's easy to add money to the account, you can monitor when and where your student eats, and the notification of a low balance is great too
Steve E., Red Card Parent

FAQs about the SBA Red Card

When do I get my SBA Red Card? You’ll get the new card when you move in. That’s also the best time to load funds on your card. Find out more details here.

How do I add funds to the SBA Red Card? On an ongoing basis, you can add any amount online, by mail, or at our service desks. Find out more details here.

Who loads the funds? Either parents or students can load up the card.

Can I use the SBA Red Card as a meal plan? Many residents do. Click here to see Red Card’s recommended meal plans.

What restaurants are included? Click here to see a list of the restaurants that accept the card.

How do I learn about frequent shopper rewards, weekly promotions and discounts? We’ll be communicating promotions and deals to our residents through email, our Facebook page, and via Twitter!

"My daughter loves her Red Card. It gives both her and I peace of mind that I can load her card with readily available cash and she can go to the grocery store and make purchases without worrying about the balance in her bank account. Love this program.