Find Pet Friendly Apartments in Madison, WI

Looking for pet-friendly apartments, especially dog-friendly apartments, in Madison, WI can be a long, tedious process. Steve Brown Apartments has a solution: let us do the searching.

  1. Let us search for you: We can save you time by matching your situation to any availability. Simply fill in the form in the right-hand column, and a Steve Brown Apartments representative will contact you with dog-friendly options.
  2. Search for yourself:  Use our online search tool to find available apartments that allow your pet(s).

If you can’t find any properties you like here, visit the Dane County Humane Society website for a listing of other pet-friendly properties. We know we’re not the only game in town, and we want to find the right home for you and your pet(s)!


Our Pet Policies: All pets must be neutered or spayed and there is a maximum of two pets allowed per property where pets are allowed. Exotic animals and some dog breeds which are considered aggressive are not allowed. Dogs must be under either 30 or 50 lbs., depending on the property. Most properties require a pet fee and/or a pet deposit. Please check the specific policies at each property you are considering. 

We’ll search for you!

Calling all Dog Lovers!

It’s official:  Steve Brown Apartments has literally gone to the dogs. In 2014 we made the decision to allow dogs in more of our properties – 31 properties to be exact. With this change, over half of all of our addresses and 75% of our downtown addresses are now dog-friendly.

Our dog-friendly properties may be in high demand but there are many to choose from. To search a full listing of what’s currently available, click here.