SBA Gives

Charitable Contributions and Event Sponsorships

Steve Brown Apartments believes in helping the communities and the residents it serves, and encourages its employees to do the same through a charitable grant program. Every year, the SBA Gives program contributes money, time, and resources to nonprofit, charitable, and community organizations throughout Southwest Wisconsin.

Our giving priorities

Housing Solutions

There is a great need for temporary and long-term shelter solutions, and for second chance housing. A large portion of our charitable contributions goes towards local and national charities that provide housing solutions for the homeless men, women, and children in Southwest Wisconsin.

Vibrant Downtown

It's no accident that Madison is routinely named one of the top ten cities in the U.S. There are many non-profit organizations that are dedicated to making sure the city remains a desirable place to live, play and do businesses. SBA Gives is proud to lend its support to these organizations, and is proud to call downtown Madison its home.

photo: Richard Hurd

University Relations

30 years ago, Steve Brown began his company with a handful of properties and a strong desire to provide quality housing to UW-Madison students. Our company has expanded over the years, but our ties to the student population at UW-Madison remain strong. We're happy to give back to students by supporting their charitable events and causes, and to the campus by supporting UW Athletics.

Sponsorship and donation requests for organizations and events that fall within our giving priorities can be sent to the marketing department using the Contact Us Form on this website.