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How to Maximize the Free Internet In Your Apartment


Free Internet is a nice perk for renters, but how do you make a good thing even better? To find out how you can improve the speed and reliability of your Internet access, we checked in with Dan Romens, Customer Service Representative for ResTech Services.

ResTech Services provides Internet, digital voice, and TV services for apartment buildings and condominiums in the Madison area. Romens is quite familiar with issues regarding free Internet service in apartments.

As a quick review, Internet service is typically offered in speeds ranging from 10 megabits per second (mbps) to 100 mbps. The 100 mbps is today’s gold standard, and will easily accommodate most users. In Madison apartments where free Internet service is offered, it is usually shared by a number of residents via a wireless router, which can affect the overall speed and signal strength of your network connection.

Typical Issues That Affect Wireless Internet Signals

Dan provided us with the typical issues that can affect your free Internet, if you’re relying on a wireless signal in your apartment, as well as some solutions. Let’s start out with the typical issues that affect your wireless signal:

How can I improve the speed of my free Internet while still using a wireless connection?

Now that we’ve touched on some of the typical problems, here are some of Dan’s solutions.

Like any technology, Internet access will have its quirks, especially when you convert it to a wireless connection. Hopefully the tips in this post will help you strengthen your connection and/or trouble-shoot any connectivity issues you might have.


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