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Tips to Help You Find the Madison Apartment that's Right for You!

Roommate Problems? Let our Expert RA Help You

It’s only a couple weeks into the school year, but your roommate is already getting under your skin. You know you need to resolve the problem, or the year will be a mess. Consider then the advice of our roommate…

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7 Essential Apartment Amenities You Should Never Live Without

Some Madison apartments are beginning to offer rooftop pools, spa facilities and other luxury features. Those amenities sound great, but how necessary are they? No matter what your apartment offers, don’t let anything overshadow these seven essential amenities and services.…

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11 Ways to Move In Without Losing your Mind

You would be hard pressed to find a day that Mad Town is madder than on student move-in day. Here are some tips from a couple of student employees at Steve Brown Apartments (SBA) to help make moving into your…

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How to Save Time (and Your Back) When Moving Out

It’s almost move-out time for many Madison area students. If packing, moving and shipping/storing a bunch of boxes sounds like torture, consider Lazybones, a company that provides a nifty alternative for people strapped for time. Perhaps in the olden days,…

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How to Sublet Your Room and Not Burn Your Roommates

It’s time we focused on those left behind when you’re subletting your room: Your poor, deserted roommate. Generally, these situations work out fine, but here are some steps to ensure the new roommate arrangement works – for the benefit of…

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16 Ways to Keep Warm in a Madison Apartment

Okay, folks, we’re into the frozen days of Wisconsin winters.  January and February are usually our most frigid months, and they may require some changes of habits and a few extra layers to keep warm. Here are 16 tips for…

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7 Ways to Deal With At-Home Weirdness Over Winter Break

If it’s your first year away from home, you’re probably looking forward to winter break.  Be forewarned, many first-year students find returning home to be uncomfortable and difficult.  Here are some tips to help you make the transition less awkward.…

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