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Deposit Settlements

Complete Steps 1 and 2 today!

It only takes 2 minutes to ensure delivery


STEP 1. Fill out the form to the right: With this information, we’ll know where to send your security deposit settlement. ALL settlements are sent through the U.S. Postal Service.

STEP 2. Fill out the U.S. Post Office form: Once you complete step 1 above, you’ll be provided with a link to register your forwarding address with the U.S. Post Office at

PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW! Failure to provide a forwarding address could result in the delay of your security deposit refund and possibly a $50.00 reissue fee for checks that need to be re-cut.

Security Deposit FAQ

When can I expect to receive my security deposit settlement?

Wisconsin law requires that we mail security deposit settlements within 21 days of the expiration of your lease. If the process takes the full three weeks, it could take an additional 10 days for mail delivery, or longer for mailings outside of the U.S.

What if I don’t provide a forwarding address?

Per Wisconsin law, if a forwarding address is not provided, your security deposit settlement will be mailed to your last known address (which is your current address with Steve Brown Apartments).

What if I don’t know my forwarding address?

We suggest you provide us with the mailing address of a trusted family member or friend or rent a U.S. post office box. If you use someone else’s address please let us know so we can put their name on the envelope, to ensure delivery. (The check will still be made out to you.)

Can I give you my friend’s mailing address?

You can do this, but please inform our staff that this is the situation. (See above.)

Do I need to notify the U.S. Post Office of my forwarding address?

YES and as soon as possible! The change of address process takes approximately one week to go into effect, so the earlier you can update your address, the better chance of your mail and packages getting routed to the correct address. You can change your address in-person at the post office or online at

It’s been 21 days and I still don’t have my settlement Where is it?

Per Wisconsin law, we always mail settlements within 21 days of your lease ending, but they don’t always arrive right away. The settlement could be on its way, it could be delayed due to forwarding, it could be marked “undeliverable – return to sender” and is on its way back to us, or it may have been lost in the mail. We ask that you wait 30 days for U.S. addresses or 60 days for non-U.S. addresses before requesting a replacement.

I’ve waited 30+ days and still no settlement has arrived. Can you resend it?

Yes, a replacement statement and refund check (if due) can be sent. There is a $50 fee for any replacement checks issued due to errors or omissions on the resident’s part. No fee is assessed if SBA or the U.S. Postal Service were in error.

Can you email my statement and send the money right to my bank or refund my credit card? Can I pick it up in person?

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide electronic refund services and Wisconsin law stipulates that security deposit settlements should be physically mailed. We understand that receiving mail and cashing checks can be a hassle but unfortunately, our options are limited.