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Renter resources from Steve Brown Apartments

Renters have thousands of questions. We know – we get them everyday. That’s why our Resident Relations Coordinators are always ready to answer your calls, and why offer these valuable free downloads:

First Time Renter Guide

First Time Renter’s Guide

Everything you want to know about renting in Madison. (Good for veteran renters too!)

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Budget for Rent Worksheet

Helps you avoid stretching your dollars too far as you determine what you can afford.

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Roommate Resolution Toolkit

Can’t get along with the roomie? This guide includes the key to resolving conflicts.

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Subletting Guide Cover

The Complete Guide to Subletting

We’ll walk you through the subletting process that has worked effectively for hundreds of our residents.

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Lease Signing Checklist

Everything you need to check – and double-check – before you sign the lease.

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Buy vs. Rent

In two-steps, we’ll show you the option that’s right for you (a collaboration with UW Credit Union).

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Renting Sight Unseen

Renting Sight-Unseen Checklist

You can’t always tour an apartment before renting it. This checklist provides you with the must-ask questions for renting sight unseen.

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Madison Parking Guide Cover

Renter’s Guide to Long-term Parking in Downtown Madison

Parking downtown doesn’t have to be a nightmare. This guide includes a comparison grid with all of the options so you can easily find the option that’s right for you!

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