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10 Ways You’re Annoying Your Neighbors Without Realizing It

Nobody wants to be ‘that guy’ in an apartment. You know, the one with all the infuriating habits that drives you neighbors crazy. But what if ‘that guy’ (or gal) is you, and you don’t even know it?

Part of apartment living is accepting that you will inevitably hear, see and coexist with your neighbors. When done appropriately, these things are no biggie. But those other times – especially if done habitually – can lead you to use words you didn’t even realize you knew.

Yet, with the rare exception these annoying people probably don’t even realize how annoying their habits are. In fact, saintly as you are, you might be unknowingly just as guilty of driving your own neighbors crazy.

If you’re doing any of the following 10 things, we’ll speak on behalf of your neighbors and kindly ask you to stop. Today. As in, right now.

1. Turning the volume too high – This goes for pretty much anything with volume control, be it your television, radio, computer, and especially your sound system. Watching a movie loudly in the evening or on a Friday night (occasionally) is one thing, but doing it at midnight during a work night is another…

2. Cleaning at odd hours – Sunday might be cleaning day, but let’s keep it cleaning day, not cleaning morning. Vacuuming and moving furniture aren’t fun to listen for your neighbors to listen to when their trying to enjoy a precious morning of sleeping in.

3. Wearing high-heels (or loud shoes) – Would you like it if someone tap-danced into your room at 6 in the morning? That’s essentially what you’re doing by wearing high-heels or other loud shoes. Especially if your apartment is carpet free.

It’s not just the morning either. Constantly walking around in loud shoes at any hour can make a person angry – and you won’t like them when they’re angry.

4. Smoking on your patio – Smoking outside might seem considerate, but when wind is blowing and your neighbors’ windows are open, that pleasant summertime breeze is going to blow your smoke right into their apartment.

5. Dropping your toilet seat – When you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, don’t let everyone in your apartment know by dropping the toilet seat when you’re finished. Just set it down gently, will ya?

6. Your dog is barking – Yes, everyone can hear Fido barking and Fifi yipping. It’s annoying. You yelling at the dog to stop also isn’t helping.

7. Using the blender too early or late – Morning smoothies or midnight milkshakes might be delicious, but they aren’t fun to listen to. Be conscious of when you turning on the blender, to make sure you aren’t blending up your neighbors’ sweet dreams.

8. Being an annoying drunk – We get it college students, it’s your first time living in an apartment and you’re excited about your freedom. Know who isn’t? Your neighbors. They’ve had enough with your bi-weekly 3 a.m. drunken wrestling matches.

9. Slamming the door – Slamming the door radiates through the walls. Please find a pillow on which to take out your anger.

10. Gaming too hard – Believe us, we know those camping !@#&#@ have beeen $%&#*@$ pulling that #@$! for the past hour and a half, and that headshot was totally cheap. Know how we know? Because you’ve been screaming incessantly about it loud enough for the entire city to hear.

Look over this list carefully. Recognize any that you might be doing? Yep, you’re ‘that guy or gal’. Remove the label by stopping your bad habits. Your neighbors will thank you.


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