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SBA Gives Back With Second Chance Sponsorship

Published on January 17th, 2018
By Jennifer Oppriecht

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SBA Gives is a proud 2017-18 sponsor of a family participating in The Road Home of Dane County’s Second Chance Apartment Program. As a Second Chance apartment sponsor, SBA has the opportunity to make a life-changing difference for one family, by  providing $10,000 in support each year for two years, helping to cover the family’s rent for those two years. During this time, families use a portion of their monthly income to pay off credit and cover other critical expenses instead of rent so that they can gain stability.

In the last year, 12 out of 13 families successfully completed the program and/or were still in stable housing. The year before that, 100% of families successfully completed the program and/or were still in stable housing. Second Chance continues to be one of Road Home’s most successful programs. Learn how you can help support The Road Home of Dane County here.




What is SBA Gives? Steve Brown Apartments believes in helping the communities and the residents it serves, and encourages its employees to do the same through a charitable grant program. Every year, the SBA Gives program contributes money, time, and resources to nonprofit, charitable, and community organizations throughout Southwest Wisconsin. Learn more here.


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